Mobile E-Commerce

Mini Program

Get a fully bilingual branded storefront for your business in WeChat

  • Custom coded Mini Program to showcase your business's products, events, or services
  • 1-2 week fast development time
  • Manage orders, customers, and branding through our full service backend

CNY ¥5000 one-time fee, then ¥1,200/yr after the first year


Manage everything you need through a convenient, full-service backend

Our management backend allows you to control and manage every aspect of your mini program, from sales and accounting, to inventory and promotions, to customer data and reviews. Take a look at our ever-expanding feature list below:

"Absolutely great job on the mini much great logic in there. A real breeze to use. Top stuff!"

James G., F&B


  • View all your orders, filter by status and product, or search for orders from a specific customer
  • Update order status with one click
  • Save shipping and tracking information
  • Call local delivery service with one click (limited availability)
  • Print order information with one click


  • View and download monthly sales data
  • Visualize revenue changes over the last six months
  • Easily identify top-selling products in the current month


  • Manage product descriptions, images, and inventory
  • Easily activate and deactivate products with one-click
  • See product sales and average rating for each product
  • Get unique product links for email/SMS marketing


  • Create and manage coupon codes
  • Set a discount percentage or amount and expiration date
  • Assign coupon codes to specific products
  • Manage automatic coupon system to encourage repeat customers


  • View customer phone number
  • See customer information from WeChat (if they give you permission)
  • Easily identify top-ordering and top-reviewing customers


  • See all customer-submitted reviews, including photos
  • Filter by rating value or product
  • Search by keyword or customer


  • Manage branded content like banner images
  • Add or remove admin accounts
  • Bind a personal WeChat accont to recieve shop notifications


Service, start to finish

We'll guide you through the process of setting up a WeChat Official Account, Mini Program Account, and WeChat Pay account. From initial application to company verification, we'll be with you step by step to ensure a quick turnaround time.

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