We believe that anyone from any background deserves to have a voice in their community, and a chance to develop their entrepreneurial potential.

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs around the world and create more problem-solvers on the global and local levels

Our Vision

A global ecosystem where anyone, anywhere can get the resources they need to achieve entrepreneurial success: mentoring, community, tools, and investment

The Founding Team

Tidus Coleman

Tidus is a lifelong learner, investor, entrepreneur, and community activist based out of Los Angeles, California. His passion lies in global politics, entrepreneurship and entertainment, and he aims to use data science, machine learning, and digital media intelligence to help others achieve entrepreneurial success.

Nicholas Clark

Nicholas has a passion for connecting people together to solve problems. A U.S. native and Shanghai expat, he has a strong background in brokering social exchanges between people and comes from a background in international education, equipping and training students to learn in other cultures. Nicholas is a graduate of Georgetown University.

Our Collaborators

We collaborate with founders, accelerators, investors, universities, non-profits, and government organizations around the world to provide transformative mentoring and project-based education experiences.

Our Inspirations

DIVVII Community Center