Matthew Eiss

 Research Intern at Asia Society Policy Institute

 Washington, D.C.


What is your greatest motivation?

My personal, academic, and career interests have always focused on learning about, and better understanding, other cultures. My desire to learn more about other cultures has led me to learn multiple languages and to live abroad in Argentina for six months and China for two years. My thirst for working with people from other countries to discuss issues of international concern and, more specifically, international trade, have enabled me to learn about other cultures and people and discuss meaningful topics that affect daily life. For instance, while working for Manchester Trade, I gained insights into the meaning of trade relations between the United States and African nations. I particularly focused on how the renewal of the U.S. African Growth Opportunity Act would impact countries like South Africa. I helped to discuss with embassy officials and trade ministers their strategies for negotiating with the United States. In living and working in China for two years, I immersed myself com

What are your biggest career highlights?

I have researched, analyzed, and drafted proposals for funding potential research topics. I have also researched and aided in the crafting of the language for an Asia Society Policy Institute report discussing the major economic and trade developments that occurred in the Asia-Pacific region during 2017. I have researched and written one page talking points and information sheets for the Vice President's speaking events. I provide a daily \"press scan\" of important trade events occurring in East and Southeast Asia as well as in U.S.-Asia trade and trade policy, which is compiled of articles from both domestic and international sources. I also help to staff the Asia Society Policy Institute events.

Please list any certifications you hold along with who issued them.

Background & Skills

Trade Research Intern, Asia Society Policy Institu at Asia Society  '17 - now

 Studied Government and Legal Studies at Bowdoin College until 2014

International Business

Nick F. Moritz

 Communications Consultant | Edtech & EvenTech Pro

 Shanghai City, China


What is your greatest motivation?

A natural communicator, I have dedicated my career to enabling people to be included, engaged, present and able to express themselves. Wolfpack Response is an experiment toward fulfilling those outcomes, and it’s a counter-intuitive one. We think that when people are in the same room, face to face, that smartphones are an unprecedented distraction. They are so counter-productive. The apps on them have been meticulously constructed to be so, tapping into the deepest recesses of our brain to keep us coming back, hundreds of times a day. Of course smartphones are an amazing tool. We need them. Yet when we are face-to-face, we must find a way to pull ourselves away from the world inside the smartphone, and into the real world, full of real people, right in front of our eyes. But we still need a way to communicate in tandem, tapping into the collective wisdom and including every single person in the room. That’s why we hand out clickers. They are so cheap, effective, and game-changing. But

What are your biggest career highlights?

Interactive discussion. It's what we do. This is a Shanghai-based, US-founded solution provider for instruments designed to ensure 100% audience participation during live, face-to-face events. We specialize in implementation strategies for business and school utilization of Audience Response Systems (ARS), otherwise known as Classroom Response Systems (CRS), or more simply, clickers. Why use a stand-alone device when we already have smartphones that can obviously perform voting functionality? Because when we are in the same room together, face-to-face, smartphones are just too distracting. We all know this to be true. So for live event organizers, trainers, workshop facilitators, teachers, and bosses who need to get their employees engaged and focused on the task at hand (and not the smartphone in their other), clickers are a fantastic tool that can do so much. We rent, sell, distribute, customize, and use ARS/CRS systems. We produce our own events using the tech, and because we

Please list any certifications you hold along with who issued them.

Background & Skills

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