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Participate in Research on Talent & Change in the Workforce
 Nicholas Clark  July 24, 2018  Announcements

Please consider completing this survey from Monica Kang, founder of InnovatorsBox and author of Rethink Creativity.


It's great to e-meet you.

My name is Monica H. Kang. I'm a social entrepreneur, an adjunct professor, and an author.

Thank you for agreeing to share your thoughts on talent and the workforce with me!

I am conducting a series of surveys and interviews to better understand people and workplaces for my book on talent in the workplace (scheduled to be released in 2019). I am focusing my book on what is missing in the workplace and how we can rethink the issues as individuals, teams, and organizations in different industries.

Why is it so hard to find good talent?
Why is a strong team so critical for success?
Why is it so hard to find a good job where you feel welcomed and included?
Why do even the most talented workers fail to perform when they are discouraged?
How do we network and build better relationships in the workplace?
How do you hire someone when you do not have enough resources to find talent?

The way we live, think, and work is changing rapidly. So why isn't the workplace changing at the same pace? I want to get to the bottom of this and explore how talent plays a pivotal role in today's workplace.

Your honest stories and perspectives will be invaluable.

My goal is to research 200-300 individuals from July 2018 to Fall 2018 from:

  • 30 cities
  • 10 different countries
  • 20 different industries
  • 50 different organizations
  • different work levels including job hunters, interns, new employees, managers, and senior executives/founder
  • different backgrounds including all sexualities, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and abilities

This survey is broken down into four parts:

  • Your thoughts on talent and workplace
  • Your personal information
  • (Optional) Schedule an interview / coffee meetup.
  • (Bonus) Gift raffle

I anticipate this survey will take approximately 15-17 minutes.

I know everyone is busy, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to complete my survey. If you have any questions at any point, please reach out to me at

Thank you very much.

I promise to make a positive difference in our workforce with what you share.


Monica Kang
Founder, InnovatorsBox
Author, Rethink Creativity

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