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Create a Mentor Profile with LinkedIn
 Nicholas Clark  April 5, 2018  Updates

Did you know you can use LinkedIn to easily join the DIVVII Community Center, as well as create education and mentor profiles with just one click? Here's how:

1. Join the DIVVII Community Center

From the DIVVII homepage, click the link to "Join with LinkedIn" underneath the sign up form, then enter your LinkedIn email address and password on the next page.

You'll then be redirected back to DIVVII where you can edit your basic information.

2. Create a mentor profile in one click

After you save your basic information, you can add profiles for the companies you've started and schools where you've studied. You can also add mentor profiles, which tell entrepreneurs about your motivation and experience.

To add a mentor profile with LinkedIn, simply click the "Add with LinkedIn" button on your profiles page.

If the information is public on your LinkedIn page, you'll see a mentor profile added on your profiles page. If nothing appears, that means we can't access the information from your profile, and you'll have to add a mentor profile manually by clicking "Add Mentor Profile."

From there, you can edit your mentor profile. After it's approved by DIVVII, it will become publicly visible on the "Mentors" page accessible from the navigation bar.

3. Connect your LinkedIn to an existing DIVVII account

If you've already created an account with your email address and a password, you can still connect your LinkedIn page to make it easier to add a mentor profile. Click Dashboard, then Settings, and under "Social Logins," click "Connect to LinkedIn."

4. Disconnect your LinkedIn from your DIVVII account

You can also disconnect your LinkedIn at any time. Simply return to the Settings page and click the "Disconnect" button. Note: you'll have to set a password to continue accessing your DIVVII account, if you haven't already.

And that's it! If you run into any issues, click the "Contact" button at the bottom of any page on the site.

Happy connecting!

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