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Custom Mentoring Program


This program is a fully customized, one-on-one or small team mentorship course that combines innovation and practical skills training over 15 class hours. You'll apply what you learn in a real project with personalized guidance from a startup mentor. Choose a course area based on your interests, and work on a project either of your own design or with one of our partner companies.

Course Areas

Computer Science

Learn coding skills and work with a mentor to build a web app that solves a problem you observe in your daily life.

Engineering & Industrial Design

Design a consumer product and work with a mentor to build a prototype, gather feedback, and render your product in the software used by industry pros.

Financial Management

Learn about financial accounting and reporting, then work with a mentor to design and deploy a data collection system in a student organization or startup.

Startup Experience

Create a business solution to a problem you observe around you. You'll work with a mentor in a relevant industry to design and build an MVP, collect feedback, and iterate.


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