Young Innovators Maker Program

20 students
 For High School
 12 Meetings
 Due Jan 26

Short Term Program

Begins Sunday Jan 28

This program is made up of two courses: The Maker Course and the Public Speaking Course.

The Maker Course

During the first week, pairs of students will use a hardware kit from Toky Labs to build a product prototype that solves a problem they experience or observe in their daily lives.

Concepts emphasized:

  • Coding
  • Hardware
  • Entrepreneurship

The Public Speaking Course

During the second week, participants will prepare a presentation about the solution their prototype provides. On the last day, they will be speakers at TEDxYouth@BespokeMentors at Innospace in Yangpu, Shanghai.

Concepts emphasized:

  • Storytelling
  • Stage Presence
  • Intonation, inflection, and pronunciation

Course Information

Morning Session: 10am - 12pm
Afternoon Session: 2pm - 5pm

Location: Cross Region Plaza, Xuhui, Shanghai 飞洲国际广场


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