Wednesday 7:30-9PM

Digital Marketing Crash Course

Workshop event organized by Le Wagon



The Beer Nest II

Renmin South Road Section 4 - No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street (F1, behind Country Garden Real estate sales office, close to “AMI Bar” or Bank of China)

Understanding how Digital Marketing works is essential for anyone who is trying to run a business, acquire customers, start an online store, or work in any marketing role.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), are two of the most crucial elements of digital marketing that can make the difference between running a successful business or failing with it.

Why is that? Simply put, SEO and SEM can put your business in front of thousands of potential customers everyday, and lead to an increase in sales and traffic.

If your business, or the company you work for, is not optimizing online campaigns for search, then you are leaving money on the table! If you don't appear in the top searches for your industry, region, or city, then you risk customers seeing your competitors first and purchasing services from them.

If you run an online or traditional business or want to start one, or if you work in the marketing field or are curious about it, then come Boost Your Marketing Skills in this Crash Course in Digital Marketing!

This workshop is designed to teach you how to drive highly targeted traffic to your website using the industry standard tools Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Even if your business is based in China, you can, and SHOULD, use Google AdWords and Google Analytics to gain insight into your customers, create targeted campaigns, and see who you may be missing out on.

Moreover, these tools are similar in principle to local Chinese marketing platforms like Tencent Social Ads, which drives customer acquisition via QQ and WeChat, which reach over 800 million people!

This crash course workshop was designed by Brian Phillips, Co-founder of Polyphasic Developers, and certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics consultant. He has experience running his own company which helps clients get thousands of new visitors and potential customers every day to their websites and businesses.

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