Tuesday 7-9PM

CSS3 Grids & Layouts Design

Workshop event organized by Le Wagon



588 East Yan'an Rd, SINO-OCEAN TOWER, Phase 1 Fl. 2, Huangpu District 延安东路588号

You have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS but you want to know how professional front-end developers build rich layouts. This workshop is just what you need! Come to this workshop and discover the latest CSS techniques (flex box, CSS grid) to design rich layouts. We will learn the best way there is, by coding together tons of cool examples.

What will you be getting of this workshop?

  • A result page with a sticky map on the right like on Airbnb
  • A profile dashboard with different sections and merged rows and columns
  • A collapsable sidebar for a navigation with a great UX
  • A homepage with vertical sections taking exactly your window’s height.


Some basic HTML & CSS knowledge is essential.

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