Wednesday 6-9PM

The Power of Persuasion

Speaker Workshop event organized by PISA



Starr Building, Fudan School of Management

403 of Starr Building School of Management, Fudan University


Persuasion is a relational and communicational process for winning the hearts and minds of people. When a person is persuaded, he/she changes his/her thinking, understanding perceiving, believing, feeling, responding, talking, behaving and relating.

PISA will be inviting speakers to share tips on how to improve your skills in influencing people; become more effective in communication, resulting in a win win outcome; and improve the quality of your relationships. Our speakers, Fabiana Fonseca, will touch on the power of persuasion and how persuade people in a sustainable manner while Vince Fulco, CFA, CAIA will be sharing tips on how to create an impactful CV. As a professional resume editor, interview coach and academic advisor, Vince repeatedly see easy to fix issues on English resumes holding back otherwise stellar job seekers. His talk will explore the critical best practices to present yourself at your best.

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