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Learn about our new Special Interest Program for the Gifted & Talented
 Nicholas Clark  January 2, 2018  Announcements

Going into the shoe store, the salesperson says, "Do you have a size 7 foot? I have a size 7 shoe that should fit you very nicely, and may be just what you need. No? You have a size 9 foot? Well, all I have are size 7 shoes. Just wear this one anyway."

"I can't get it on."

"What's the matter with my shoe?"

"Nothing is wrong with the shoe. It is a perfectly fine shoe."

"Well, maybe you would like my shoe if I put this pretty bow on it. Or maybe a shiny buckle? Now put it on. I don't understand why it doesn't fit. How about if I give you more size 7 shoes? Will three be enough? Well, then something must be wrong with your foot. What's wrong with your foot?"

"Nothing is wrong with my foot. I have a perfectly good foot."

Join us on Saturday, January 6 to learn more about our brand-new Special Interest Program for the Gifted and Talented. This program is designed to give exceptionally gifted students an opportunity to challenge and be challenged, and to support them in ways beyond the offerings of the traditional education system in order to propel their learning, growth, and achievement.

Scan the QR code above to register.

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