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 Nicholas Clark  April 26, 2018  Announcements
We are thrilled to welcome SAGE Corps as the newest sponsor of the U.S. - China Social Hackathon. SAGE Corps runs programming on five continents, sending hundreds of college students to intern abroad with global startups. Read more about SAGE Corps on their website, [www.sagecorps.com](www.sagecorps.com). To learn more about the U.S. - China Social Hackathon, visit the program website [here](http://uschinasocialhackathon.com) or visit the Programs section of the DIVVII Community Center [here](https://www.divvii.com/programs/7/4th-us-china-social-innovation-hackathon/).
 Nicholas Clark  April 16, 2018  Announcements
Congratulations to Carl Hooks, a mentor for the U.S. - China Social Hackathon, who won first place at the 2018 Smart City Hackathon in Shanghai on April 14th, 2018. He and his teammates will also take home US$3,000 to fund their design for a business that makes recycling consumer products in China easy, fun, and profitable. His team will now pitch their business idea at the China Utility Week conference in Shanghai on April 19. The Smart City Hackathon brings together entrepreneurs and select university students for a series of hackathons in different countries that focuses on the intersection of digital technology and urbanization. The aim of the hackathon is to bring together a diverse range of perspectives, from academics to entrepreneurship, and ignite the flow of ideas between different members of society. The Shanghai Smart City Hackathon is sponsored by Energo Labs and took place at NYU Shanghai. Carl is a Yenching Scholar at Peking University and a StartingBloc Fellow.
 Nicholas Clark  January 2, 2018  Announcements
*Going into the shoe store, the salesperson says, "Do you have a size 7 foot? I have a size 7 shoe that should fit you very nicely, and may be just what you need. No? You have a size 9 foot? Well, all I have are size 7 shoes. Just wear this one anyway."* *"I can't get it on."* *"What's the matter with my shoe?"* *"Nothing is wrong with the shoe. It is a perfectly fine shoe."* *"Well, maybe you would like my shoe if I put this pretty bow on it. Or maybe a shiny buckle? Now put it on. I don't understand why it doesn't fit. How about if I give you more size 7 shoes? Will three be enough? Well, then something must be wrong with your foot. What's wrong with your foot?"* *"Nothing is wrong with my foot. I have a perfectly good foot."* --- Join us on Saturday, January 6 to learn more about our brand-new Special Interest Program for the Gifted and Talented. This program is designed to give exceptionally gifted students an opportunity to challenge and be challenged, and to support them in ways beyond the offerings of the traditional education system in order to propel their learning, growth, and achievement. **Scan the QR code above to register.**
 Nicholas Clark  October 10, 2017  Announcements
99 Dreams
We're proud to announce the winners of the Spring/Summer 2017 iteration of the 99 Dreams Scholarship fund. We received so many awesome ideas, we couldn't limit ourselves to picking just one winner. So we decided to increase the prize pool and split it between our two winners! See below for more information about their projects. And if you didn't win this time, don't worry. We'll be running the scholarship again later this year. Keep an eye on your email and we'll let you know when applications are open again. But for now, the winners for summer 2017. Check back for more information about our winners and when we'll be launching the project again. ---- ![Juan](https://www.divvii.cn/files/africa_web.jpg) ### Juan Magalhaes *The Cate School* #### Don't Forget About Africa Currently, many school children in Africa are unable to effectively focus on their studies due to a lack of proper school supplies. Juan aims to fix this problem at a school in South Africa by providing school supplies and other logistical support to the students there. He plans to use the funds and mentorship he has been awarded to scale up his program and positively affect the lives of even more students. ---- ![Eileen](https://www.divvii.cn/files/kpop_web.jpg) ### Eileen Kwon *Seoul International School* #### The Korean Dream Eileen plans to use the funds and mentorship she has been awarded in order to produce a documentary film exploring some of the lesser known aspects of the Korean pop culture industry, as well as the various social situations that have led to its immense draw among the younger generation in South Korea today. You can view her proposal [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0l40N3JAKQ&feature=youtu.be).
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