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 Nicholas Clark  June 3, 2019  Updates
The U.S. - China Social Hackathon is an online, collaborative program where teams of U.S. and Chinese students work together to develop a social enterprise business plan. Led by a mentor, groups meet online to design a solution to a problem related to one of the program topics, then pitch their business idea to a panel of judges. Participants learn about social innovation, how to develop a value proposition, how to collect feedback, how to design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and how to pitch a business idea. They'll gain valuable experience working in remote teams, an essential skill for the 21st century workforce.

1. Explore

Each group is led by a mentor through lectures, discussions, case studies, and activities to explore what is social innovation. They'll put what they learn into practice by defining a problem, testing their assumptions, and iterating in response to feedback.

2. Build

Use the top startup tools to design a digital solution that addresses a social problem your group has observed in both your communities. Work with Silicon Valley concepts including:

  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Rapid Iteration
  • IDEO Design Thinking & UX Design
  • Business Model Generation's Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas

3. Pitch

Pitch your idea to a panel of social entrepreneurs and business professors. Prove to them you've identified the next big opportunity and are offering the right solution for the market.

Prizes will be awarded for the best team in each session!

For more information, visit www.uschinasocialhackathon.com!

 Nicholas Clark  April 5, 2018  Updates
Did you know you can use LinkedIn to easily join the DIVVII Community Center, as well as create education and mentor profiles with just one click? Here's how: ####1. Join the DIVVII Community Center From the DIVVII homepage, click the link to "Join with LinkedIn" underneath the sign up form, then enter your LinkedIn email address and password on the next page. You'll then be redirected back to DIVVII where you can edit your basic information. ####2. Create a mentor profile in one click After you save your basic information, you can add profiles for the companies you've started and schools where you've studied. You can also add mentor profiles, which tell entrepreneurs about your motivation and experience. To add a mentor profile with LinkedIn, simply click the "Add with LinkedIn" button on your profiles page. If the information is public on your LinkedIn page, you'll see a mentor profile added on your profiles page. If nothing appears, that means we can't access the information from your profile, and you'll have to add a mentor profile manually by clicking "Add Mentor Profile." From there, you can edit your mentor profile. After it's approved by DIVVII, it will become publicly visible on the "Mentors" page accessible from the navigation bar. ####3. Connect your LinkedIn to an existing DIVVII account If you've already created an account with your email address and a password, you can still connect your LinkedIn page to make it easier to add a mentor profile. Click Dashboard, then Settings, and under "Social Logins," click "Connect to LinkedIn." ####4. Disconnect your LinkedIn from your DIVVII account You can also disconnect your LinkedIn at any time. Simply return to the Settings page and click the "Disconnect" button. Note: you'll have to set a password to continue accessing your DIVVII account, if you haven't already. -------- And that's it! If you run into any issues, click the "Contact" button at the bottom of any page on the site. Happy connecting!
 Nicholas Clark  October 10, 2017  Updates
The judges chose [Inspiring](http://site-132380-9719-8471.sxl.cn/) because they clearly identified and communicated a problem of social significance in both China and the U.S. - education inequality - and designed a creative way to address it. Inspiring will now receive US$1000 and two weeks of professional mentoring to build a prototype of their idea. Congratulations to Inspiring! The judges for the competition were: 1. Matt McKenna - Executive-in-Residence, Global Social Enterprise Initiative - Senior Advisor, Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative - Former Senior Vice President, Finance, PepsiCo 2. Katherine Liu - Founder & Managing Partner, CanAsia Consulting - Co-Founder, Centerstone Partners PE - Former Senior Manager, KPMG 3. Eoin Brown - Student Outreach & Partnerships Director, Minerva Project 4. Kevin Iraheta - Business Development, Pique Scholarships - Administrative Assistant, Global Social Enterprise Initiative Many thanks to our judges and all our participants in the U.S. and China. We look forward to running the program again next year!
 Nicholas Clark  October 10, 2017  Updates
Innovation Week
Le Wagon
We partnered with Le Wagon to create Innovation Week, a series of workshops, activities, and exercises to supplement the first week of Le Wagon's coding program. DIVVII invited mentors to share on topics like design thinking, MVP development, rapid iteration, and storytelling for pitches. We also organized activities to encourage effective communication, team cohesion, self-reflection, and having fun. :)
 Nicholas Clark  October 10, 2017  Updates
We're so glad you're here! The DIVVII Community Center is a place for entrepreneurs to meet mentors, for startups to share events, and for students to learn about entrepreneurship and business. We are in the early testing stages of the site, so if you're reading this you're one of the luck ones ;) Feel free to create a profile, list an event, apply for a program, or just poke around and explore. That being said, I'd love to hear all your feedback - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Email me at nclark [at] divvii.com to share your thoughts, and check back often for updates. ### Onwards and upwards, Nick & the DIVVII Team in Shanghai
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