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We've helped entrepreneurs from over 20 countries connect with mentors who have helped them get their business off the ground, develop critical strategy, gain new customers and leads, and discover new sources of revenue.

We believe that successful founders get a lot out of being a mentor for early stage entrepreneurs. Not only do we seek to make matches from a professional perspective, we also make an effort to connect people who share similar values or social goals. If you're interested in mentoring entrepreneurs with DIVVII, create a mentoring profile and we'll reach out to get to know you better.

Jeff, entrepreneur in Shanghai

"When I first signed up for DIVVII, I certainly didn’t expect my mentor's advice to be so good, but Kathy could very well be the gateway to my success. She even has the right connections to open doors for me in China where I'm based."

Kathy, mentor in New York

"I am a mentor because I have insatiable curiosity. I love to help people solve problems and love to learn about things I don’t know about. Oh yeah, I like to do good, pay it forward and keep karma balance, too. That goes without saying. But I can absolutely tell you that I learn as much from people I mentor — and I mentor many — as they do from me."

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We design fun, exciting, and inspirational programs that allow students to explore the topics they enjoy while also gaining knowledge that will benefit them in an academic environment. Plus, students are more likely to retain what they learn when they enjoy learning it.


By helping students develop critical thinking skills through creative problem solving challenges, as well as modern communication skills and technical literacy through unique online programming, we help prepare students to be more productive as members of the 21st century workforce.


We challenge students to use what they learn to solve problems they observe in their own schools and communities. Not only are they actively applying their knowledge and skills, they're also seeing the results of their hard work manifest around them and impact others in a positive way.


Top universities like Harvard and MIT, as well as business leaders like Fortune 500 CEOs, are increasingly looking at critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and technical skills more than traditional academic indicators like exam scores.* DIVVII programs are designed to give students practical skills they can use now, as well as experiences that will stand out on college applications and in job interviews.


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